Best Places to Visit in New South Wales

New South Wales (NSW) is the oldest and most varied state in Australia. Sydney shines as the state capital, with top-notch restaurants, galleries, and museums, as well as notable tourist attractions like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you go beyond this lovely port city, you'll find a state full of surprises, including six World Heritage Areas.

New South Wales is topographically representative of the country's numerous landscapes. The Great Dividing Range runs through the state's middle, splitting it into an eastern coastal strip bordered by spectacular beaches, while the Outback sprawls to the west in stark desert beauty.

Exploring New South Wales is simple, and there are plenty of enjoyable activities to be had. Climb or ski the craggy peaks of the Snowy Mountains, go opal hunting in red-earthed Outback communities, stroll through World Heritage-listed rainforests, dive Lord Howe Island's coral reefs, and take a step back in time at Norfolk Island's World Heritage historic sites.

With our list of the greatest attractions and places to visit in New South Wales, you can learn more about this dynamic state.