Tourist Destinations in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, despite being one of the continent's smaller states, will not disappoint visitors looking for some of the best spots to visit in central Europe. Given its size – and thanks to a first-rate public transportation system – it's a simple country to navigate, especially for those wanting to spend the most of their time in the country's lovely capital, Prague, which offers nearly infinite sightseeing possibilities and things to do.

Despite the fact that Prague has an abundance of good attractions, there are enough off-the-beaten-path sites to warrant a vehicle trip. Many superb national parks and conservation areas are among the highlights of a trip to the Czech countryside. The aptly named Bohemian Paradise, an area of remarkable natural beauty marked by several magnificent rock formations and many fine old castles, is one of the most popular.

Another region worth seeing is Moravia's Podyj National Park, which is known for its enormous, pristine forests. You'll pass through numerous old villages and towns along the journey, many of which have remained untouched since medieval times and are home to wonderful old churches, palaces, and public squares, all of which are well worth a visit. Read our list of the top tourist attractions in the Czech Republic for suggestions on where to go.