Best Places to Visit in Lebanon

What are the greatest spots in Lebanon to visit? Where should you travel if you're planning a trip to Lebanon? Lebanon is a wonderful small nation with a lot to see!

Lebanon is a compact country, which is excellent news. It's so little that you could spend your entire vacation in Beirut and take day trips all throughout the nation. That's exactly what I did on my vacation, and it made it so much easier to travel around Lebanon while sleeping in the same bed every night.

Lebanon's cultural diversity is one of my favorite aspects of the country. With 18 recognized religious groupings, the population is roughly 45 percent Christian and 50 percent Muslim. There's also a significant Armenian community, as well as people from all around the Middle East and the world.

As a result, portions of Lebanon have a European feel to them, while others have a Middle Eastern feel to them. Places where you can use French as a default and places where you'll need to know a few Arabic terms.

Lebanon is very diversified in terms of geography, with mountains, deserts, waterfalls, and towns of varying sizes. In theory, you could ski in the morning and relax on the beach in the afternoon in Lebanon!

Here are our recommendations for the greatest sites to visit in Lebanon, as well as directions, safety tips, and the top activities to do in Lebanon.