Tourist Destinations in Wyoming

Wyoming brings the Wild West to life. Wyoming is a land of harsh landscapes, rich tribal legend, rodeos, ranches, cowboy towns, and some of the world's great wilderness areas, despite being one of the most sparsely populated states in the US.

Yellowstone National Park, with its geothermal wonders, and Grand Teton National Park, with its breathtaking scenery, form one of the world's greatest preserved temperate-zone ecosystems. Grizzlies, golden eagles, wolves, elk, moose, bison, and black bears can all be found in both parks, as well as wolves, elk, moose, bison, and black bears.

Further out, red-walled canyons, hot springs, ancient prairie towns, pioneer museums, and the historical attractions of Cheyenne, Wyoming's capitol, are all worth seeing. Outdoor adventures abound with all this wildness and wide-open space. Wyoming has some of the best hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, climbing, and fishing in North America, as well as some of the best skiing.

Discover the best places to visit in this rugged Western state with our list of the top tourist attractions in Wyoming.