Best Places to Visit in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, as a tropical Caribbean vacation destination, has it everything. Beautiful palm-lined beaches attract all types of beachgoers, from couples and kids to hard-core surfers, with some having quiet warm waters lapping the golden sand and others having tremendous waves and famed surf breaks. Puerto Rico is a nice surprise for nature enthusiasts, as it is home to the United States Forest Service's only tropical rainforest and the Bioluminescent Bay's evening delights. The picture is completed when you add the history and charm of historic San Juan, with its colonial architecture and old forts. Puerto Rico is a complicated island with a distinct Spanish Caribbean culture and an unmistakable American influence. With its American chain restaurants and other luxuries associated with mainland America, this is especially evident in San Juan. Further away, there are picturesque cities, little villages, gorgeous islands, caverns, and a harsh mountainous interior to be discovered. See our list of the top tourist destinations in Puerto Rico for more sightseeing options.