Top Tourist Destinations in Sierra-Leone

Sierra Leone is trying hard to get back on track after more than a decade of civil conflict - one of the most cruel and destructive in West Africa's history – and an unexpected outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus. The efforts are also going nicely. The days of rebel and government divisions are long gone. Supporters of past coups and counter-coups have been reintegrated into society, and the upheavals of the 1990s are seldom mentioned.

The country is once again open for business! But where should I go? Will you go for the Western Region's salt-streaked beaches, where palm trees arch over the Atlantic Ocean and old colonial fortifications collapse on clifftops? Will you go interior, where chimps roam the Guinean forests and colobus monkeys saunter through the savannah undergrowth?

Let's take a look at some of Sierra Leone's greatest tourist attractions: