Best Places to Visit in Niger

Let's get the gritty side of Niger out of the way before we celebrate its virtues. Niger has never been and still isn't the safest location to visit, thanks to military juntas, tribal uprisings, and other terrorist groups presently roaming the Central African republics. Travelers who have fallen under its spell should take their time, verify FCO warnings, and wait; hopefully, this vast cut-out of the Sahel and Sahara will open its doors and borders again one day.

We can only wish until then. As a result, we'll pine. The Ténéré Desert, with its undulating dunes and changeable sea of sands, is a dream come true. The mud-brick mosques of cities like Agadez make me long for them. Pine for Zinder's winding lanes, Balleyara's vibrant markets, and Dosso's old regal mansions.

Let's have a look at some of the top spots to visit in Niger: