Best Places to Visit in Guinea

Guinea, which is about the same area as the United Kingdom and has been ravaged by Ebola epidemics and spells of political upheaval in the previous 100 years, has had its fair share of problems.

However, this hasn't dampened the persistence and grins of the people, who continue to regard their untamed and untrodden land as one of West Africa's true gems.

While the FCO warnings have been lifted, travelers who choose to travel to this part of the continent should exercise extreme caution as they weave between the ancient rainforests and endless undulations of the great Fouta Djallon; as they explore the sprawling markets of buzzing Conakry (the capital); or as they explore the lonely beaches of the northern shores.

This enormous slab on the edge of the Atlantic, promising both adventure and isolation, remains a world apart, undiscovered, and truly, very magnificent!

Let's have a look at the greatest spots to go in Guinea: