Best Places to Visit in Lesotho

Lesotho is one of the most off-the-beaten-path countries in Africa's southern regions. Why? For starters, it's landlocked and completely encircled by South Africa's popular lands, which means it's not exactly the easiest area to travel to. Then there's the exterior, which is dominated by impassable mountains of stark rock and broad plateaus of dusty sandstone — hardly an easy place to travel! Lesotho's hardships, however, are matched by its beauty.

The backcountry is untamed and undeveloped. Only the odd peppering of thatched San villages breaks up the vast grass plains. Even bigger mountain dams are only now taming the vast mountain rivers. Every turn reveals breathtaking waterfalls or valley panoramas, and the trekking – well, the trekking is simply to-die-for!

Let's have a look at the greatest locations to go in Lesotho: