Best Places to Visit in Zambia

Zambia has weathered the upheavals of post-colonial Africa better than most of its close neighbors, despite high poverty levels and an overreliance on copper prices to keep revenue coming through government coffers. This is a country of democracy and capital investment, not of coups and counter-coups. It's a place where world-class architectural accomplishments (just look at the Kariba Dam) coexist with world-class natural wonders: the winding Zambezi River and the thundering Victoria Falls.

Old Copperbelt communities continue to churn out ores from their dusty hills, while cities like Lusaka hum with development. There's also Zambia's wild side to consider. This goes on indifferently all across the place. Antelopes dart through the southern miombo woods, while elephants escape leopards on the banks of Lake Tanganyika, and safari travelers flock by the hundreds to see it all.

Let's take a look at some of Zambia's greatest tourist attractions: