Top Tourist Destinations in Sudan

There's no denying it: Sudan is no longer a safe place for travelers. A pair of civil wars, repeated armed conflicts with their southern neighbors (and recent compatriots), and destabilization in other Sahel and North African countries have all contributed to the problem.

The country is now ranked second on the fragile states index, and almost all foreign embassies advise against all travel to the country. But, who knows, maybe one day it will all be finished. Perhaps one day we will be able to don our desert attire once more and explore the shifting sands of old Kush and Nubia. Perhaps one day, the burgeoning Red Sea dive scene in the west will be able to reveal the sparkling corals and ocean treasures, and the Khartoum Twirling Dervishes will be able to display their cylindrical gyrations for all to see.

Let's have a look at some of the top spots to visit in Sudan: