Best Places to Visit in Comoros

The Comoros Islands, located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa, are not your average tourist destination. Book your flight now if you wish to disappear for a while or if you want to pass the time with some crazy locals. You won't find any of the typical tourist trappings here; this is as far away as it gets.

Those that make it here will tell you that the paradise hype is true: banana and palm trees, ylang-ylang, and the aroma of cloves in the air. The inhabitants are Muslim, and the culture is quite traditional, with a major Swahili influence. There is no alcohol present, and attire is modest. Cloud Coup-Coup is a strange nickname derived from the country's history of over 20 coups since independence in 1975.

There are four developed islands with white sand beaches, rainforest hikes, huge fruit bats, volcanoes, and other attractions. Expect navigating Comoros to be difficult due to a lack of tourism infrastructure. However, there is an element of exhilarating unpredictability to the islands, and even the most stoic will find themselves feeling adventurous. Let's have a look at some of the top things to do in Comoros!