Best Places to Visit in Burundi

Burundi may be one of Africa's smallest countries, but it crams a lot of beautiful scenery into a little area. The country is organized into 16 provinces that occupy slightly over 28,000 square kilometers, roughly the same size as Maryland, one of the smallest states in the United States.

Hippos and birds are Burundi's most popular natural attractions, with habitats ranging from shrublands and woodlands to vast lakes. Burundi's lack of shoreline does not imply it is without beaches, and the country offers some fantastic inland beaches where the heat can be relieved by a refreshing and safe plunge in one of the country's lakes.

Burundi's culture is diverse for such a small country, and the effects of colonial settlers as well as indigenous traditions are worth studying about in order to fully comprehend this little but intriguing country.

Unfortunately, the country is currently going through a difficult political period, and recent events including a military coup indicate that travel to the country is not recommended at this time. Hopefully, political events will not have a significant impact on the country's people, culture, or natural environment. The greatest locations to visit in Burundi are listed here!