Tourist Destinations in Central African Republic

When it comes to natural beauty and wildlife diversity, the Central African Republic is undoubtedly the world's wealthiest country, yet it is also one of the world's poorest. Travel to the Central African Republic is severely discouraged because it is sandwiched between many other war-torn nations and faces its own problems with poaching, military brutality, and general lawlessness. The country's history, like that of most on the African continent, has been marred by European colonization, remains of which can still be seen in some of the major cities.

The country does, however, have its pleasures, which range from unique butterflies to gorillas and elephants in diverse shapes and sizes. There is no place on earth better suited for safaris and wildlife enthusiasts, but even with such natural resources, the country's tourism cannot grow due to political issues.

Although the country is one of the least developed on the continent, if not the entire world, the people are generally polite and honest. If the country becomes safe to travel again soon, these are the 15 finest sites to visit in the Central African Republic, in our opinion.