Best Places to Visit in France

Because of its distinctive six-sided design, the French affectionately refer to their cherished homeland as "l'Hexagone." The rugged and outdoorsy French Alps, sun-drenched and slow-paced Provence, the luxurious and magnificent Côte d'Azur coastline, and idyllic Alsace, a pastoral region where storybook hamlets are tucked away in the vine-covered rolling hills, all have their own distinct personalities.

For a first visit to France, Paris and Versailles are must-see destinations. Stops in trendy coastal resorts, fairy-tale castles, and magnificent Gothic cathedrals are included in other classic vacation itineraries.

In the countryside, you'll find more off-the-beaten-path experiences, such as farmhouses in Burgundy, fishing villages in Brittany, and picturesque towns in the Pyrenees Mountains' forests.

France has an abundance of tourist attractions, ranging from culturally rich towns to pure natural wonders. With our list of the greatest locations to visit in France, you can learn more about this interesting and diverse country.