Best Places to Visit in San Marino

Despite being totally surrounded by Italy, the tiny Republic of San Marino is independent, with its own government and laws, despite being only 61 square kilometers in size. It was founded in the fourth century AD and is the world's earliest sovereign state. San Marino's capital city, San Marino, is on Mount Titano, the highest point in this hilly region.

The original hamlet, made entirely of stone and closed to traffic, is surrounded by medieval stone walls. Cafés, restaurants, and stores selling ceramics and duty-free merchandise along a single street going up to Piazza della Libertà. San Marino's duty-free shopping is one of its main draws for visiting Italian tourists.

The three fortifications at the summit of the mountain are linked by a route that extends along the entire ridge of the mountain, giving San Marino its most well-known image.

With this list of San Marino's greatest attractions, you can find more enjoyable things to do.