Best Places to Visit in Holy See

The Vatican has been an autonomous state since 1929, when the Pope signed an agreement with Mussolini, and it is the world's smallest with only 0.44 square kilometers. However, there are enough attractions and things to do within its walls to keep tourists occupied for several days, so prioritizing your sightseeing is critical.

The Vatican Palace has spectacular halls created by the finest artists of their period, as well as rare collections in more than a dozen museums. Smaller collections will appeal to specialist interests in addition to the big museums: the Museum of Secular Art's antique sculpture, the Museum of Sacred Art's treasures from catacombs and early Christian churches, the Map Gallery, and a gallery of candelabras and tapestries, to name a few.

Objects brought back by missionaries, papal vehicles, vintage autos, and a collection of over 800 works of modern religious art by Matisse, Dali, Munch, Rouault, and others are among the highlights. With this list of the top-rated tourist attractions in the Vatican, you can find out what to see and do.