Best Places to Visit in Finland

Finland is a relatively undiscovered part of Europe, from the bustling art-filled towns of Helsinki and Turku to the depths of the northern forests and the sparsely populated outlying islands. This is likely due to its remote location from major tourist routes, yet the country's various cultural and historical attractions, combined with its unspoilt natural settings, make it a perfect vacation spot. With its lakes, fells, rivers, and huge wild regions, as well as the assurance of snow in the winter, it's a Nordic playground for both winter and summer sports.

The majority of visitors to Finland enter through Helsinki. The most prominent museums, as well as architecture by some of Finland's best architects, are located in the busy Baltic port, particularly Eliel Saarinen, who created Helsinki's Railway Station, a symbol of early modern architecture.

The attractive minor cities of Turku and Porvoo are easily accessible from Helsinki. However, it would be a pity to limit one's visit to the Baltic coast when so much magnificent open land awaits. The Finnish lakes are to the west, and the huge expanse north of the Arctic Circle, home to the midnight sun, northern lights, and some of Europe's best winter sports, lies to the north.

Winter or summer, Finland offers plenty of things to do. Plan your trip with our list of the top attractions and places to visit in Finland.