Best Places to Visit in Romania

Romania is a country of contrasts, situated on the Balkan Peninsula. The Romans, who gave the country its name, the Hungarians, and the Ottomans have all claimed ownership of the former Eastern Bloc republic. It's full of charming historical villages, ski resorts, and a thriving art scene. The vampire Dracula, a fictional character from Transylvania, is perhaps the city's most renowned resident.

Romania has a long and illustrious history. The country is littered with medieval castles, particularly in Sighişoara, which is brimming with historic structures and cobblestoned old quarters from the Gothic era.

In Brașov, you'll find even more history, including the 14th-century Bran Castle, where you can learn about more than just legends if you really want to know where Dracula resided. And what about Bucharest? You'll be as enchanted by medieval architecture as you will be by the bizarre Communist-era structures. Here are some of the top spots in Romania to visit: