Best Places to Visit in Switzerland


Switzerland is difficult to top for breathtaking Alpine landscapes and charming communities oozing fairytale charm. The Alps' soaring snowcapped peaks, sparkling blue lakes, verdant valleys, glaciers, and charming lakeside hamlets give this landlocked country a fairy-tale splendor. World-class international resorts and a broad variety of activities, such as hiking, bicycling, climbing, paragliding, skiing, and tobogganing, are nestled among the mountain valleys and lakes.

Travelers come for the breathtaking beauty, but they are also enchanted by the numerous cultural attractions. Cities like Zurich, Geneva, and Lausanne, which are steeped in history, provide outstanding museums and galleries, historic architecture, and renowned music festivals. Bern, the capital, has a magnificent medieval old town that hugs the bend of a river. Switzerland is bordered by Germany, Italy, Austria, and France, and their languages and customs imbue the country with a multicultural elegance.

From palm-studded Ticino's Italian architecture to Swiss-German and Latin-derived Romansch languages, Switzerland can feel like multiple countries in one–all with the clean packaging and punctuality for which it is known.

Explore this spectacular country with our list of the top attractions and best places to visit in Switzerland.