Best Places to Visit in Bhutan

Bhutan, dubbed "The Land of Thunderbolt," is still one of the least-known and-visited countries, even among India's young travel lovers. However, there is a vast list of forts, temples, and other Buddhist relics, as well as trekking and shopping places, that are well worth visiting. The country is known as the "Last Shangri-La," with magnificent valleys, breathtaking Himalayas, and a plethora of unusual animals and plants. Rivers that originate in the Himalayas flow across the valleys, mesmerizing visitors with their grandeur.

The greatest tourist places in Bhutan must be on your agenda if you are visiting the Land of the Thunder Dragon. They provide a kaleidoscope of scenery and experiences. If not all, at least a few of the sites to see in Bhutan listed below are worth a trip for you and your travel companions. Bhutan vacations are all about unrivaled quiet and tranquillity, from animal sanctuaries to monasteries.