Top Tourist Destinations in Cambodia

Cambodian history comprises both some of humanity's greatest aesthetic feats and the most heinous actions. It is most known for the massive temples of Angkor Wat as well as the violent Khmer Rouge regime of the 1970s and subsequent civil war. Most visitors come for the history, but those who stay longer than a day in Siem Reap will find that this Southeast Asian country has much more to offer.

Every sun sloth is enticed by the coastline's sandy white beaches. The jungle-swathed countryside caters to the more adventurous, while Phnom Penh, Cambodia's pulsating capital, immerses tourists in the frantic pulse of modern city life.

Beyond the temples and the country's recovery from the atrocities that rained down on it in the late twentieth century, Cambodia is an emerging Southeast Asia vacation destination that manages to fascinate all who visit.

With this list of the best sites to visit in Cambodia, you can plan your sightseeing in this interesting country.