Top Tourist Destinations in Brunei

Brunei has long been associated with wealth and oil. In truth, in this country of gleaming whitewashed mosques and golden-tipped minarets, there's little to counteract that picture. Nodding donkeys and the industrial workings of the sultanate's petroleum sector may be seen in the west and all around the well-to-do city of Bandar Seri Begawan. On every turn, opulent arabesque palaces and grandiose construction projects explode.

But keep in mind that this is Borneo, and with Borneo comes true wilderness. It's lush jungles and volcanic summits we're talking about. We're talking about primitive longhouse settlements and the uncommon sighting of a clouded leopard! Granted, you'll have to travel to the country's far south or east to find them, but they're always - tantalizingly 鈥?there.

Check out this list of the top locations to visit in Brunei, which includes everything from bustling markets to monkey-infested jungles: