Best Places to Visit in Mongolia

Mongolia had the potential to conquer the globe at one point. The great Mongolian Steppe has hosted legions of riders and footmen, all commanded by that now-mythic figure: Genghis Khan, high on the plateaus that sprawl out from the icy Altai Mountains.

The prophesied Turkic dominion from the east, however, was not to be. As the hordes dispersed and went to their different parts of Asia, the wild and barren environment atop the continent's roof reverted to its ancient ways.

With the changing seasons, nomads roamed the hills, yurts emerged on the banks of mountain lakes, eagle hunters patrolled the plains, snow leopards stalked, and the Gobi sand dunes altered and shifted. Mongolia is meeting the world once more today, but this time the world is traveling to Mongolia.

Going there to take in the bustling atmosphere of Ulaanbaatar. I'm going there to look for the legendary Xanadu. Going there to feel the chill of the passes and meet the tough people of the sweeping plains.

Let's have a look at the greatest spots to travel in Mongolia: