Best Places to Visit in Japan

Many first-time visitors to Japan are startled to hear that, in addition to being one of the world's most advanced industrialized nations, Japan has a rich and intriguing history dating back thousands of years.

Japan's Shinto and Buddhist temples were already well-established and attracting pilgrims and patrons for their typically lavish designs and d茅cor even before many of Europe's most stunning cathedrals were completed. At the same time, the country was honing the talents and trades that would lead to prosperity, from excellent porcelains and ceramics to fabrics like silk.

Despite wars and natural disasters, much of this rich culture has been kept (or restored), and a trip to Japan is a wonderful adventure. A trip in Japan is undoubtedly a terrific investment of time and money, with an unending list of top attractions, entertaining things to do, and interesting places to see.

Our list of the top tourist attractions in Japan will help you find the greatest spots to visit in the country.