Top Tourist Destinations in China

China has long been considered as the essence of all that is enigmatic and exotic, ever since the world first discovered it through the writings of traveler Marco Polo more than 700 years ago. Even after decades of economic development, this huge country retains its allure. Indeed, the contrast between ancient Chinese habits and the new ultra-modern state that is emerging has further heightened interest in a culture that spans millennia.

The preservation of key historic landmarks such as the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace in Beijing, both of which evoke the days of China's emperors, demonstrates how much the Chinese value this culture. Then there's the Great Wall, which stretches 6,700 kilometers from the Yellow Sea to Central Asia, with its innumerable shrines evoking the spirit of ancient Eastern religions.

China, as a tourist destination, offers an almost endless amount of exploration opportunities due to its size. Whether you want to cruise through the Yangtze Gorges on a luxury cruise liner, visit a bustling city, or seek out the serenity of an ancient temple, this country is full of wonderful experiences and sightseeing opportunities.

With our list of the best tourist attractions in China, you may find fascinating, unexpected, and exciting things to do.