Best Places to Visit in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the world's biggest landlocked country, stretching from the Altai Mountains in the east to the Caspian Sea in the west, and from Russia in the north to China in the south. Popular Kazakhstan tourism attractions include spectacular canyons, continuous deserts, dry plains, huge glaciers, and historic structures, making it a year-round destination. Kazakhstan should come on your bucket list as soon as possible for the kind of muted vacation paradise it is.

Kazakhstan, the world's tenth largest country, is so large that it contains five climate zones and two time zones. Having said that, the country's geographical diversity is what accounts for the best vacation experiences. If you're planning a long trip, make a list of all the popular spots to visit in Kazakhstan that are historically significant and offer a variety of activities. Almaty, Astana, Central Kazakhstan, Eastern Kazakhstan, Northern Kazakhstan, Southern Kazakhstan, and Western Kazakhstan are some of Kazakhstan's significant divisions. Visit these prominent Kazakhstan tourist attractions to get a taste of Central Asia like you've never had before!