Best Places to Visit in French Guina

French Guiana (sometimes known as "Guyane") is a French department located in tropical South America, bordering Brazil, Suriname, and the Atlantic Ocean. It's a land where old meets new in a startling juxtaposition. While rockets launch from the country's lucrative Space Centre, dense rainforests conceal centuries-old indigenous towns.

Cayenne, the capital, is a melting pot of French, Asian, African, and Brazilian cultures, and you can join in the celebrations with parades every weekend if you visit between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday, when Carnival is held.

In the country's relatively pristine environment, which is home to an incredible diversity of species, eco-tourism reigns supreme. Nature lovers can explore bird-rich marshes, where caimans lurk, and Atlantic beaches, where turtles nest in large numbers, along the coast. Inland, huge savannas stretch to lushly clad mountains, and rivers cut through steaming jungle.

Because the country lacks a well-developed tourism infrastructure, traveling through this costly French colony can be difficult (particularly for those who don't speak French). Using a tour company will assist less experienced tourists. The adventure will be welcomed by intrepid travelers.

With this list of the top attractions in French Guiana, you can learn about the greatest spots to visit in this country of contrasts.