Tourist Destinations in Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America, occupying about half of the continent. It's almost entirely in the Southern Hemisphere, and much of it is tropical, with large swaths of jungle teeming with rare flora and animals.

Brazil's Atlantic coast, which stretches for 7,400 kilometers, is studded with golden sand beaches, while its interior is rich in mineral resources. The churches of Portugal, the colonial force that controlled Brazil until 1822, are still adorned with gold from Brazil's mines. Brazil's colonial architecture, ornamental arts, such as glazed tiles in churches and convents, and language all bear a strong Portuguese influence.

For visitors, Brazil is both a tropical paradise and a vibrant cultural destination, offering something for everyone, from beautiful beach vacations and rainforest expeditions to world-class art museums and the pulsing rhythms of Rio's Carnival.

Use this handy list of the top tourist attractions in Brazil to find the best locations to visit and things to do.