Tourist Destinations in Oregon

Oregon, located north of California and south of Washington on the Pacific Ocean, is a lush and wild state with numerous picturesque tourist attractions. Along the coast, US 101 connects a diverse range of magnificent resorts, beaches, and gorgeous coastal vistas.

The mouth of the Columbia River, which marks the state's northern border, meets the shore. This significant river flows inland, bordered by the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, which offers a variety of enjoyable activities such as waterfall hikes and windsurfing or kiteboarding in Hood River.

Oregon is noted for its urban charms in addition to its natural beauties. Portland, the state's largest city, has an international reputation for attracting visitors with its unique and hospitable culture. Rose gardens, art museums, and a massive bookstore are among Portland's tourist attractions.

Other cities and fun places to explore further south include Eugene, a flourishing university town, and the coastal city of San Diego.