Best Places to Visit in Ontario

Ontario is home to the nation's largest city, Toronto, and the capital city of Ottawa, but it also encompasses vast expanses of wilderness and pristine lakes, and contains one of Canada's most visited natural attractions, Niagara Falls. This huge province, about 15 times larger than the state of Texas, offers boundless opportunities for travel, adventure, and family fun.

During the hot summer months, people visit Ontario to see some of Canada's top museums and galleries; spend family time at the amusement parks; relax at lakeside resorts; paddle or fish in the lakes and rivers; camp in the parks; and see some of the country's most iconic landmarks, like the CN Tower.

While some people go outside to enjoy the ski slopes, ice rinks, snowmobiling, and winter festivals in the winter, the majority of people stay indoors to enjoy hockey games, shopping, dining, Broadway performances, and other cultural attractions.

This province has everything you're searching for in a holiday, from little towns to huge metropolis. With our list of top tourist attractions in Ontario, you can plan your vacation and discover the best spots to visit.