Best Places to Visit in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia, Canada's second smallest province, is a peninsula on the eastern border of the Canadian continent that is beautiful and serene. Its long coastline, on the other hand, is lined with fishing harbors, sandy beaches, and large islands. From the misty Atlantic Ocean in the southeast to the tidal salt marshes of the Bay of Fundy in the west and the Gaelic highlands of Cape Breton in the north, the scenery is diverse.

Nova Scotia enjoys a nice, if slightly moist, climate in these marine latitudes. Summers are bright and sunny, although weather conditions can sometimes result in fog, and winters might bring snow.

The capital and largest city of Nova Scotia is Halifax. The French, headed by Samuel de Champlain, arrived in the Annapolis Valley in 1604, establishing Port-Royal, the first permanent European settlement north of Florida. Acadia was the name they gave to the region, which is still used to refer to all French settlements in the Maritimes. With this list of the top attractions in Nova Scotia, you can find the greatest locations to visit in this fascinating region.