Tourist Destinations in Montana

Montana is the epitome of the American West. This craggy state's cities and small villages, as well as its vast untouched natural landscapes, retain a hint of its untamed history. Montana, the country's fourth-largest state by land area, has more national forest land than population. Over the last 100 years, these wide-open and uncrowded environments have lured explorers, writers, and Big Sky aficionados to Montana.

Many of Montana's activities revolve around adventure and the great outdoors. And Montana adventures are always accompanied with breathtakingly stunning and wide vistas. Montana is a foreign land to some, with its wild landscapes unrivaled anyplace else in the country, from the gleaming mountains of Glacier National Park to the many untamed rivers filled with trout.

But it's not simply the adventure activities that make the state worth a visit or a long stopover. There's still a wild sense of the Old West about the place. Helena, the state capital, epitomizes this Western vibe, with its gold-mining history intertwined throughout the downtown district. Montana's frontier history generates a sense of adventure, as though something new is lurking around every corner.

With our list of the best attractions and activities to do in Montana, you'll see why the state is renowned as the Last Best Place.