Top Best Places to Visit in Greenland

Greenland, an autonomous republic inside the Kingdom of Denmark, is an universe unto itself. This is the world's most sparsely populated country and the world's largest non-continental island, with a population of less than 60,000 people.

The most well-known aspects of the environment, as well as its most outstanding tourist attractions, are icebergs and glaciers. On a sea of the deepest azure, colossal strange shapes of blue and white float. The kilometers-thick inland ice appears to be still, but it cracks and creaks as it shifts and expands.

Green mountains with vibrant wildflowers, spectacular fjords, sheer cliffs, hot springs, clear skies, and pure air are all waiting to be explored. Seals, whales, polar bears, and reindeer, to mention a few, thrive in the sea and on land.

Given the climate, transportation is rare in this area. There are almost no roads between villages, so you'll have to travel by boat, airplane, sled, or snowmobile if you want to see everything. In reality, some of the best activities to do in Greenland are physically demanding: dog sledding, snowmobiling, trekking, walking on the ice cap, and boating across its waterways.

With the help of our list of Greenland's best places to visit, you can learn more about this intriguing country.