Tourist Destinations in Belize

Belize is a natural wonderland. This intriguing country, which located in Central America between Mexico and Guatemala and was known as British Honduras during its colonial days, is a popular destination for eco-tourists. Few countries can boast such a diverse range of ecosystems in such a little region.

Belize is home to deep jungles with howler monkeys and jaguars, mountain pine forests, palm-fringed beaches, bonefish flats, rivers, caverns, and coral atolls encircled by fish-rich reefs, in addition to the world's second biggest barrier reef. Diving and snorkeling are, unsurprisingly, excellent. Anglers come from all over the world to fish the Great Blue Hole, which is a UNESCO World Heritage dive site known for its great flats fishing and deep-sea adventures.

Apart from the natural wonders, Belize's friendly people, whose origins are as diverse as the landscapes, are one of the country's greatest advantages. Mayans, Mennonites, English, Creoles, Mestizos, and the Garifuna people, who are of mixed Amerindian and African ancestry, all contribute to a vivid combination of cultural influences. At the many relatively unexplored archaeological sites, you may learn about ancient Mayan culture.

Belize City serves as the country's entry point. Most visitors fly in and spend some time exploring the area before heading off on adventures farther afield. Kayak lagoons, tunnel tube through underground rivers, stroll through jungles and pine woods, see gorgeous wildlife in its natural habitat, or simply fall in a hammock and relax in this tropical paradise are all options.

Choose your own adventure with our list of the top attractions and places to visit in Belize.