Best Places to Visit in Dominica

Dominica, often known as "The Nature Island of the Caribbean," is a pristine haven for divers, hikers, and naturalists. It is the largest of the Windward Islands, featuring lush rainforests, waterfalls, lakes, gorges, rivers, steaming hot springs, and the tallest mountains in the Eastern Caribbean among its stunning volcanic scenery.

Rustic coastal settlements and rocky black-sand beaches dot the mountainous coastline, several of which are excellent snorkeling and diving destinations.

Dominica too has a fascinating cultural blend. Dominica is home to the Eastern Caribbean's largest Carib Indian community, and it is influenced by British, French, and West Indian influences. Roseau, the island's major town and capital, shows these many roots in its cuisine, art, languages, and customs.

Hurricane Maria blasted into the island in 2017, destroying 90% of the structures, but rehabilitation operations are on track. The majority of Roseau has been rebuilt with hurricane-resistant structures.

Because Dominica has only two small airports, it has been unaffected by package tourism and the large-scale resorts that may be found on other Caribbean islands. Many visitors visit Dominica as part of a cruise or as part of a multi-day journey from other nearby islands. Others come to Dominica in the winter to escape the cold and take in the island's breathtaking natural beauty.

Whatever brought you to these lush shores, use our list of Dominica's top attractions to identify the best locations to visit.