Best Places to Visit in Aruba

The Caribbean island of Aruba, located north of Venezuela, is known for its magnificent white beaches, wind-sculpted desert landscapes, and some of the best wreck diving in the world. Aruba is a dry island with year-round pleasant weather. Because of its location in the far south of the Caribbean, it is immune to most hurricanes, allowing visitors to enjoy the island's outdoor attractions and water sports at any time of year.

Oranjestad, Aruba's charming capital, is a charming cruise ship port full of attractions and family-friendly activities. Wander through the colorful Dutch colonial buildings, browse the galleries, shops, and museums, or take a tour of the Aruba Aloe Museum and Factory or The Butterfly Farm.

Many gorgeous beaches may be found all throughout the island. The tranquil waters and seemingly limitless sweep of dazzling sand of the north coast entice swimmers, while the rocky and wave-battered east coast offers spectacular panoramas and dangerous surf.

On this rugged island, there are plenty of opportunities for adventure. Away from the resort strip, you can ride the swells on a kiteboard, discover unique rock formations, swim in natural pools, fish for wahoo and tuna, and explore the island's rocky, cactus-covered terrain in four-wheel-drive vehicles or on horseback. Carnival erupts on the island in late January and early February, with dances, parades, contests, and other activities.

Discover the best places to visit on this popular Caribbean island with our list of the top tourist attractions in Aruba.