Top Best Places to Visit in Senegal

The westernmost country on Mainland Africa occupies a massive swath of the Sahel. It stretches from the Guinean woodlands to the Sahara's bottom, offering a plethora of unique places.

Take Dakar, the capital: a city of colossal markets and boundless activity. Alternatively, visit the ports of Saint-Louis, which are bustling with ships and arcades in the Parisian style. Senegal has more to offer the tourist in the bush, from the tortuous passages of the Gambia River to the glistening beaches on the coast. Hippos and hyenas coexist here, as primitive communities go about their business.

And the icing on the cake? Senegal has been one of Africa's most stable countries for decades, despite a frightening Ebola outbreak. Fair elections and peaceful power transfers combine to make this a very accessible and enjoyable destination for the globetrotter.

Let's have a look at the greatest spots to go in Senegal: