Best Places to Visit in Guinea-Bissau

Long derided for its dismal human rights record and long list of political upheavals (no president has ever served a full five-year term since independence! ), today's Guinea-Bissau is actually a far more welcoming place than many visitors believe.

Keep up with the latest FCO developments (things in this part of West Africa have been known to shift for the worse overnight), but also look forward to the exotic line-up of delicacies that awaits.

Yes, this country has chimps and undulating savannah, rainforests, wending rivers, colonial buildings, and more, from the desert peaks of Muslim Gab in the east to the bustling port sides of Bissau (the capital) in the west.

That's not to mention the famous archipelago of the Bissagos Islands, home to saltwater hippos and stunning turtle-dotted coasts! Check out this list of the best spots to visit in the often-overlooked United Kingdom.