Best Places to Visit in Benin

Benin was the cradle of the voodoo arts and had a vital part in the growth of the African slave trade. These two ingredients are only a small fraction of the mix that creates the African nation's complicated and varied history.

Benin is a small country with only a few significant cities, yet it begs to be explored and rewards visitors with museums, beautiful architecture, and unforgettable markets.

Benin's natural beauty also has a lot to offer travelers. From palm-fringed Atlantic beaches to national parks brimming with exotic animals like lions, cheetahs, and elephants, as well as endangered bird species, there's something for everyone.

Benin may be located in a potentially dangerous part of Africa, but it is amazingly well-suited to tourism and is a true untouched location. The roads are in good condition, and the travel amenities are superior to those seen in many other African countries.

A journey to Benin will seem like a true adventure because there is still so much to explore and the country is still in the early stages of its tourism development. Benin is an excellent place to start exploring Africa since it has it all: great wildlife, great beaches, great people and culture, and it caters to tourists without feeling like a tourist trap.

The following is a list of the top places to visit in Benin: