Top Tourist Destinations in South Sudan

The world's newest independent country hasn't had it easy since deciding to go it alone almost unanimously (over 98 percent of the population voted to secede from the Republic of Sudan in a referendum in January 2011). The deadly South Sudanese Civil War is still continuing on, with over 300,000 people killed and over a million people displaced from their homes.

In addition, there are open conflicts with militias and private armies, as well as the Sudanese to the north. All of this combines to make this one effectively off-limits to visitors. However, in the hopes that things would calm down sooner rather than later, we've scoured the country for the best spots to visit, from the 3,000-meter-high Mount Kinyeti to the infinite greens of the Sudd wetland. Expect to see wildebeest-dotted plains, the White Nile's twisting courses, and trading towns that resemble metropolises.

Let's have a look at some of the top spots to see in South Sudan: