Top Tourist Destinations in Mozambique

The huge nation of Mozambique, which occupies a large bend in East Africa where the tropical heart of the continent progressively gives way to the temperate south, has its fair share of tourism attractions. You'll see inquisitive manatee-like creatures in the company of blossoming coral sponges in the warm Indian Ocean waters along the shore, which has alabaster-white beaches with a fringe of palm trees. The habitats of the famed Rift Valley begin in earnest when the interior takes over, a mosaic of swaying savannah grasses and baobab woods.

It's all about the hopping gazelles and elephants, the carved mountains of Zambezia, and the native people's earthy tribal communities. And, of course, there's Mozambique's fascinating capital. Maputo is alive with jazz and reggae, with a hint of Portuguese charm thrown in for good measure. (Hopes were high that the country would stabilize and open for good after a long civil war, but recent upheavals have shattered expectations – so keep an eye out for FCO advisories and the like.)

Let's take a look at some of Mozambique's top attractions: