Best Places to Visit in Equatorial Guinea

Hoots and howls reverberate amidst the mainly untrodden heights of the enormous Monte Alén highlands as chimps swing and gorillas gallop across the wild, mist-topped wilderness.

Meanwhile, elephants saunter through the dense forests of Altos de Nsork, primeval woods tickle along the Cameroonian and Gabonese borderlands, gushing waterfalls cascade, and the sylvan hills conceal huge toads and exotic amphibians you've never seen before.

Then, in the west, the Fang's former tribal grounds lose way to the beach people's territory. Untrodden and undeveloped dunes emerge from the emerald mangroves. Fishing boats and the odor of new oil money pulsate through cities like Bata.

Malabo, the capital, is located on Bioko Island, with its energetic residents still in awe of the adjacent vast calderas and turtle-peppered beaches.

This land on the haunch of West Africa, no stranger to upheaval (EQ has seen coups and economic strife aplenty), promises intrepid adventure and wildlife to shatter the bucket list in half!

Let's have a look at some of the top sites to see in Equatorial Guinea: